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Clan Information

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Clan Information

Post by Solsticeflower on Sat Jun 13, 2015 7:54 pm

HailClan - HailClan is the most violent clan. They tend to stay away from others, and any clan cat that dares cross paw into their territory will be dealt with. They live in a valley, where there is often hail and other sorts of storms. Their territory resides near StormClan and CloudClan. CloudClan's mountains make HailClan's valley. HailClan cats tend to have thicker furs that are white to grey in colour.

CloudClan - CloudClan is neutral clan. They are very welcoming, though be careful not to get on their bad side. They are small cats with lighter fur colours, mainly whites to browns. Their territory is snowy, which gives them heavy fur.

RainClan - RainClanners are the nicest. They do tend to be rather morbid and dreary, however. Their territory resides in a more tropical area. It rains often, and it is quite humid. They have thinner coats and can be any colour of fur, though ginger cats are uncommon. They are the smallest tribe.

StormClan - StormClan has a variation of behaviours. Their territory is on the opposite side of the valley from HailClan, and tend to keep their distance from them. They are, however, neutral or friends with every other clan. Their fur tends to be darker colours, such as browns to greys and blacks. Their fur is heavy, though their body structure is more lean and not as heavy as HailClan's.

SunClan - SunClan is the happiest clan, and tend to live under They make few enemies, though they are not on too good of terms with HailClan and RainClan. They live at the foot of CloudClan's mountains. They are ginger cats to brown cats, and are only slightly larger than RainClan.


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