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Solsticeflower, Healer of StormClan

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Solsticeflower, Healer of StormClan

Post by Solsticeflower on Sat Jun 13, 2015 8:29 pm

Name: Solsticeflower
Gender: Female
Age: 1 Year, 9 Months/21 Moons
Clan: StormClan (Medicine Cat)

Appearance: She is the average Thai cat, with light blue eyes. She is not diluted.
Breed: Traditional Thai/Siamese
Height: 28 Centimetres (11 Inches)
Weight: 2.7 Kilograms (6 Pouds)
Personality: Solstice is an odd she-cat. She tends to be quite forgiving and caring, though this is to an extent. If you have managed to get her annoyed, or done something that is wrong, she will not speak to you. This usually lasts for two days at the most. She may hold grudges, and there are some she cannot stand; at most times, forgiveness applies, however. Solsticeflower has an extremely short temper. She is not able to speak to certain people depending upon their intelligence levels and their ability to communicate. Though, if someone is quite dull, but not pestering, she is able to become their acquaintance. This can be quite the pressure at times, due to her advanced intelligence. Along with the inability to speak to certain fellow animals, she can't help at times, despite the fact that she loves to. If someone does not grasp a concept within the first moments of her attempting to explain something, or continually interrupts or argues with her about something that they are not educated upon, this leads to some annoyance. Her kinder comrades usually have to take over. Sometimes, she can be extremely shy in areas. If a creature is larger than her, even if they are kinder, she tends to be quite intimidated. All in all, she's a diverse and complicated cat.
Family: Mother - Amberpelt
Father - Talleye
History: N/A


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